Austrian National BBQ Team

We are 5 grill professionals from 4 different teams in Austria. We compete at national and international competitions throughout the year. We have teamed up to compete annually in the European Championship. In Austria we also want to support the barbecue youth with various events all year round.

This team was founded in January 2018 and consists of

Team leader
Gerald Hochgatterer (Cooklounge BBQ, Upper Austria)
Gold medal WBQ World Cup Ireland pork shoulder, vice-state champion Dutch Oven Masters at, Grand Champion Team Schluchtengriller BBQ, Team

Rene Heigl (Schluchtengriller BBQ, Upper Austria)
Grand Champion KCBS, national Champion at, national Champion at, Gold medal WBQA World Cup Ireland pork shoulder

Marco Zischg (Westside BBQ, Tirol)
Tyrolean Ribs King, WBQA WM Ireland, 3rd overall

Peter Schörkhuber (Westside BBQ, Tirol)
Newcomer, KCBS Chicken Place 2

Eddie Stern (BBQ Longhorn, VBG.)
State champion at, Vice-state champion at

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