From camping to barbeque

My name is Patrice, I am 38 years old and I have been the director of  the Flower Camping Robison in Marseillan-plage for over 16 years. I love human contact, sharing and welcoming customers from all around the world (Chinese, Australians, New-Zealanders, South-Americans, Canadians and  Americans…). I myself am very keen on traveling. I particularly like America and Canada because I love their culture and The US sports.

Little by little I started organizing cooking classes (on plancha then barbeque). I found very simple recipes campers could  try by themselves on their pitch during their holidays. With  one thing leading to another  I became interested in hot Smoking.  During a trip to Chicago and  then Saint-Louis, I fell madly in love with ribs and briskets.

From there I l looked at the Smokey Mountain Weber smoker. And three years ago I decided to buy it. That  very next year, following a problem with my supplier for July 14th (French national day), I thought « let’s go crazy and let’s do an American meal ». On the menu : pulled pork, potatoes, coleslaw, and cheesecake for dessert. Even though it was our first try it was crowded. We had 120 guests  all loving that unknown taste of smoke that is only produced by low and slow barbaque. It was a great evening. I continued to share this  with friends and family And  then last  year I came across a Facebook group called French Smokers. I then met Guillaume the administrator with whom I got on really well, also Stéphane and other passionate guys. Very soon we were talking about organising a  meeting. (I had previous experience of such get togethers from years  before with radio-controlled cars.) Yes, a meeting for all the meat lovers who came to my camping site that previous autumn. There were many different meats and some  lovely people we actually only knew through Facebook. It was really awesome. After the success of that event Jed and I decided to set up a KCBS competition here.. It’s a great  place for it. Sunny and right next to the sea ! Hopefully that  should be happening this  year in  Octobre 2018.

Personally to  finish, I would like to say camping is like barbeque. It  is quite simply,  very human !

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