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Having moved to France in March 2017, I was amazed to see how few people actually indulge in the BBQ scene, this surprised me because of the French passion for food and socialising.

Meeting the French Smokers was to be the beginning of my French BBQ journey.

Overtime it became apparent that BBQ here and in much of Europe does not have the same meaning as in the USA or Uk.

Although all outdoor cooking can be referred to as BBQ, much of Europe embrace grilling more and the low and slow culture is relatively small, although growing fast. I wanted to spread the word and get involved and the idea of an on-line magazine was born.

The BBQ community is like a family and old friends from the UK were happy to help and advise me. With the additional guidance from our new French friends and another very charismatic American (who lives here) the idea became a reality.

The French Smokers do a great job here in France and rather than compete I wanted to compliment that. I have always embraced all new projects with enthusiasm and my wife says my moto in life is “go big or go home” so this meant writing a magazine that would launch Europe wide. What was I thinking?

I would like to thank Marcus, Guillaume and Andy, but without three other people none of this would be happening. So an extra special thanks to my friend Jed Thompson. Your council, ideas and help putting the team together has been invaluable. Morgane, you are a star! Without your translation skills this project would have died an early death. Also to my wife Emma. Without her in the background, encouraging and calming me I would have lost my temper and given up, or made an attempt at taking over the world.

The Team is in place, and what a team! Thanks to everyone for joining. You have all been more than helpful and your enthusiasm has even rivalled my own.

We are looking forward to sharing bbq, grilling and smoking ideas. News, failures ( well they are funny sometimes) and bringing Europe closer together as a bbq community. We also hope to make even more new friends along the way.

We hope you enjoy it!?

Craig Price

Craig, the editor and coffee maker, father to Jack, husband to the boss Emma. A love of all things food since a child, a passion for cooking and entertaining. We moved from the U.K. to start a new life in France, and what an adventure it’s been. My passion for BBQ has led me to this point and I hope you enjoy this journey with me. I look forward to sharing ideas, food and maybe the odd beer with you.

Emma Price

Hi my name is Emma,
I am the other half of team Price. Better known as Craig’s wife.my job is to read through his work and correct spelling and grammar where appropriate. But mostly I help to provide inspiration, support and encouragement. I also help him to refine his recipes and with our son.  Jack and I have become quite experienced taste testers.
I met Craig sixteen years ago when I was working in the catering industry and together we have been indulging in a passion for food ever since.
Since our move to France I have found it to be a country that has an incredible passion for food and the culture that surrounds it. I am finding it especially exciting to help raise the profile of BBQ here. To learn so much in return and be a part of a fantastic new community!

Morgane Sergent

My name is Morgane Sergent and I am in charge of the French version of BBQ and Smokers News, I also oversea the translation team. I Graduated with a masters degree in translation (English, Chinese and French), I lived in China and then I started my own business, Nuances Traductions. I have been alternating for years between educating my two daughters and professionally practicing my passion. I hope you will get, through my translations, the flame that fires the efforts of this fantastic team’s work !

Marco Agostini

Born in Somma Lombardo in The North west of Italy in 1973. He’s into barbecue since 2003 and he’s a professional in the branch since 2013. Barbecue experience completed an extended food education including among the rest, certified AIS Sommelier and certified ONAF cheese taster.

Collaboration with BBQ4All, The most popular italian web site concerning barbecue since 2009 to 2015, developing the bbq classes branch and the on line store business. In 2015 founded the BBQ Hangout s.r.l., company specialized in barbecue catering and barbecue consultancy. Since the same year he started to chair the Weber Grill Academy of Milan, the first in Italy for attendance.

He’s active in competition world since 2014 and he was member of the first italian team invited to the prestigious Jack Daniels Invitational. He founded The Barktenders BBQ Team in 2016, achieving the result of first italian team in TOY ranking at the first year. He’s KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge (CBJ) and KCBS Certified Table Captain (CTC).

He’s author of the book “Subito Barbecue” and founder of the italian barbecue blog www.thebarktenders.com.

Hugo Bartel

Hugo Bartels, proud father of 3 and a BBq enthousiast.
Teamcaptain of the AllSeasoned Dutch BBQ Team, and occasionally team member for the Vuur en Rook dutch oven and BBQ team.
www.allseasoned.nl or www.Facebook.com/allseasoned

Rohan Hennebert

Hi, my name is Rohan Hennebert. I have been keen on low and slow cook and grill for over 25 years. I am the owner of the Smokehouse brand in Benelux and I travel every year across the USA to improve my knowledges. My job has directly to do with American BBQ as I opened a restaurant, a barbeque school, a catering and now I work as a demo-chef for Big Green Egg, The Bastard, Grill Guru, Louisiana Grills and Napoléon. I also contribute to the spread of BBQ by writting recpies for periodicals, magazines, journals, blogs… Glad to share my passion with you !

Gerald Thompson

Bienvenue, I am a native of south Florida living in the south of France for over 4 years. Living in Florida afforded me the opportunity to hone my craft in the art of low and slow cooking year around. I am a Chef a Domicile and trained under an accomplished Juilliard Chef in Fort Lauderdale. I am a skilled meat cutter and VPN trained pizzaiolo utilizing my wood fired oven. Currently I operate Oncle Jed’s Texas Style BBQ Traiteur and provide catering services throughout France.

In 2013 I founded the Association Française de Barbecue and in 2016 organized the first Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) Competition held in France. My competition cook team has represented France in 2015 & 2016 at The World Food Championships in the USA. As a certified bbq judge (CBJ) I travel all over Europe judging at KCBS Competitions and submit articles to “The Bullsheet”, a monthly publication published by KCBS.

Michael Köpf

Michael Köpf, born 1964 in Tübingen, Germany. Founder and Owner of Roaring Dragon. The most powerfull gas burner for grilling and Asian cooking with more than 85.000 btu (24 kw). Graduated Chemist by education and chef & griller by passion.
Michael is also the Pit Master of Dragon BBQ, the most successful KCBS Competition Team in Germany, finished in the TOP 10 in the International Team of the year ranking.

He runs his Team together with his lovely wife Stefanie. Both are also the organizer of the finest KCBS Contest in Germany the Black Forest Smoke and Wine Festival. Held every Year, the last weekend of July in the Small Spa Town Bad Bellingen.

Harry Havinga

My name is Harry Havinga, part of a BBQfamily with Linda (KCBS CBJ/CTC and KCBS/SCA rep) and our 3 boys (all pitmasters in training) and you can find us all over Europe at BBQ contests.

Myself started long time ago with grilling and barbecue for friends & parties one day we started a BBQteam to attend the WBQA world championship of BBQ in 2008. We sucked big time but we had a great time.It was a start of the journey to meet a lot of awesome people with same passion all over the wordld. After this we won a grandchampionship and many awards including Ambassadors award from the Kansas City Barbecue Society and Steak Cookoff Association for promoting BBQ.

We started organizing BBQ contests in the Netherlands and organized the first KBCS contest in Europe ( Tony Stone low & slow BBQ competition)

This year we will celebrate our 10 year BBQ anniversary and traveling across Europe for Kansas Barbecue Society and Steak Cookoff Association being their representative at contests and being a judging instructors for these organizations.

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