The Fogarty Charcoal Oven

The Fogarty Charcoal Oven was originally designed in London by owner and founder John Fogarty who’s journey has since taken him to Stafford, Staffordshire where he now resides building each oven individually by hand with all materials sourced in the U.K. the Fogarty Oven is 100% British built and is made from a high grade cast metal and stainless steel so very durable whilst still looking sleek in design..

Along with the unique look comes its large but dynamic cooking chamber that has up to 12 different grill rack positions allowing chefs  to cook a wide variety of foods from around the world and creating flavours like no other.

Development of the Fogarty Oven began before John left London, John , a born and bred south Londoner spent his early years working on the railway as part of a specialist gang maintaining switches, crossings and fixing twists on bridges along with stressing  and renewing of track, this developed his already excellent engineering skills further, he went on to work for another well known charcoal oven company where he built, developed, delivered and fitted ovens to restaurants around the country, John built up good relations with lots of customers and enjoyed what he was doing and also making them happy, with his engineering background and great eye for detail he always had an idea and a design in his head of a closed chamber charcoal oven that he knew could be better than the rest if designed and developed in the right way, in the winter of 2015 John decided that he was going to set out on his mission to make the perfect Charcoal Oven, after many sleepless nights researching the best components, perfecting measurements and drawings the design on paper was ready to be cast and made into the real life prototype, the best British materials suppliers and casting foundries now had to be sourced for the product to be made and then expertly hand crafted together by John’s own hands, this is what took John to Stafford, Staffordshire along with his partner Tracey and it is where they now reside, close to motorway links and central in the U.K. , it’s a great engineering county well known for its quality metal materials and famous for a castle that goes back to 1090, a bit like the Fogarty Oven Stafford castle was first built from wood, Stafford castle was then rebuilt from stone and is still standing with most of the original stonework still in tact.

After putting all his efforts into getting the very first oven built and then months of trialling the prototype in the garden of his own home John then has an even harder job of getting the product to market and being a totally unknown name and brand this is a difficult task, John was fortunate enough be introduced to and place one of his ovens into world renowned Michelin star restaurant Carters of Moseley situated just outside Birmingham where Michelin Chef Brad Carter agreed to trial and review the Fogarty Oven and put it through its paces to see just how well the newly named Beast performs when under intense pressure from a world class chef.

The end result was amazing, Brad was even quoted saying every chef should have this piece of kit in their kitchen and once they get to know about it every chef will soon want this Beast in their kitchen.

Brad is now the brand ambassador for the Fogarty Charcoal Oven and has also ordered one of his own , well he actually has the very first oven that John built, the original prototype.

The Fogarty Oven is easy to use and produces outstanding results, has versatility and flexibility in abundance so when being compared to all other Charcoal ovens or grills wether it’s on craftsmanship, quality design and proven performance or even unique looks the Fogarty Charcoal Oven wins hands down and at a much better price.

If the Fogarty Oven was built in 1090 then this Beast would still be standing with all of its original metalwork, craftsmanship and components all still in tact.

The Fogarty Charcoal Oven is a proud 100% British made product and after sourcing and testing out some of the best charcoal products on the market and although the performance is highly maintained with all types of charcoal we came to the conclusion that Made with pride in Hertfordshire by Herts WoodFuel Grown in Britain Assured Charcoal is the preferred choice of Fogarty Charcoal Ovens and comes highly recommended as we believe our product performs at its very best and produces outstanding results all the time when being run on Stag British Charcoal with the Alder single species being our personal favourite but the Hornbeam, Beech and also the mixed species are just as effective when feeding the Beast.

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