Thermoworks Thermapen Ir

The ThermoWorks Thermapen IR works in the normal instant-read temperature probe as the previous models but now it also reads temperature in infrared. All this in in one package. It features a rotating display to enable easy reading in any orientation.

The temperature probe is a fast thermocouple with a thin tip to facilitate quick readings. The probe folds in and out like a pocketknife. The unit turns on or off when the probe is extended or folded away. It will go into sleep mode if not handled for 30 seconds,  and turn back on when picked up if the probe is extended. It will not turn on if the probe is closed. The probe hinge rotates 180º.

The infrared, (IR) sensor, is activated by a Scan button. Aim the sensor at the surface you want to read and press Scan. It will capture min/max temperature readings, which are accessed via the adjacent Mode button

This we found very useful for testing surface temperatures of the meats, and even the internal temps of domes on BBQs like Pro Qs and Webers

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