Viking BBQ

Hello everyone, we are the Vikings BBQ Team from Leverkusen in Germany.

Our team members are

Alex Kirschke

Daniel Raeder

Oliver Lorse

Markus Bondorf

Florian Gentz

In 2014 we formed out of a group of five friends and the following year we already participated in our first KCBS tournament.

In 2016 we already participated in seven competitions, among others the Oslofjord BBQ Challenge. Here we achieved our first Grand Champion and were the first German BBQ team to reach a GC abroad.

In 2017 we were allowed to participate in the Champions League of BBQ in Great Britain for the first time. Furthermore, we took first and second place in the SCA European Champion Point Chase with Daniel and Markus.

We have ambitious plans for the current season and have set ourselves high goals. One of these goals is to be in the top 15 teams at the end of this season in order to qualify for the Prime Uve in Italy. We have taken a big step towards this goal by winning the GC at Meat the East. The season couldn’t have started better for us.

In addition, Daniel is striving to defend the SCA European Championship title.

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